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The amount of neck injury compensation that you can claim after a spinal or cervical injury will vary depending on the severity of the accident. The most common claim types that we are able to deal with include whiplash, cracked vertebrae, and paralysis.

How Neck Injuries Can Occur

There are common neck injury claims that are reported in the Bolton area, all of which we can offer you legal advice and representation on. The types of accidents leading to these claims include:

How Much Compensation Could You Be Due?

Example compensation amounts for neck injury cases can range through the following types, based on historical claims made in the UK over the last few years:

  • Minor neck injury – Up to Up to £1,600
  • Whiplash symptoms – Between £1,600 and £3,200
  • Disc and spinal damage – Between £5,600 and £18,000
  • Serious neck injury claims – Between £18,000 and £110,000
  • Cases involving paralysis – Between £140,000 and £300,000

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