Equestrian Accident Claims in Bolton

Horse riders and equestrians are in a high risk category when it comes to suffering from a personal injury. Whether you are hurt at a stable, riding school, or whilst out on the road, we could help you to claim equestrian accident compensation. That is, if it can be established that the accident was due to the negligence of a third party.

Our personal injury solicitors ** work on a no win no fee* agreement, and one simple call into us means we can quickly tell you whether you are able to make a claim today.

Horse Riding Injury Claims in Bolton

Our lawyers ** can act on the behalf of all different classifications of horse rider. Whether you are a professional rider, an employee, a worker with horses, or just a casual rider, we could help you. We can look into all forms of equestrian injury compensation claims and offer immediate telephone guidance on whether you can proceed.

The most typical types of equestrian accident claims are as follows:

Most personal injury cases are usually settled outside of court, with no need for injured parties to appear. Horse riding accident compensation payouts are typically paid via the third party’s insurance policies, so could be an employer, business, or car driver.

How Much Compensation for Equestrian Accidents?

Each and every case that we deal with in the Bolton area will be different. Horse riding injuries will vary from the minor to the severe, with more serious cases involving head injuries, brain injuries, and even fatal accidents. We are only able to place estimates on a potential horse riding injury compensation case after you have called us, and had a free consultation.

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