Psychiatric Damage Compensation Claims

Have you been in an accident where you think you have suffered psychiatric damage? You may be entitled to claim compensation. This compensation will help cover costs of your treatment, as well as compensate for any loss of earnings that you may have suffered. After seeking immediate medical advice, you should take the guidance of our lawyers in Bolton, who specialise in dealing with personal injury claims.

Mental trauma can lead to psychiatric damage which includes conditions like depression, obsessive compulsive disorder – more commonly known as OCD, eating disorder, anxiety, phobias etc. If not treated, these conditions may lead an individual to having self harming and suicidal thoughts, as well as panic attacks.

A person suffering from psychiatric damage may be in for a long and vigorous treatment regime, leading to hopefully full recovery. This can be a very challenging and difficult time for the victim as well as their family, as they may be affected indirectly too.

Negative Mental Health From The Workplace

People witnessing horrific accidents are more prone to psychiatric damage, especially individuals who work in the police, fire brigade and armed services and see friends and colleagues get injured. Psychiatric damage can be a result of a serious road accident, an accident at your workplace or in a military environment.

A lot of people who suffer feel they need support and help to deal with the reality of facing such an illness. It can be a very traumatic experience as it may impact the ability of an individual to carry out minor day-to-day tasks. This can lead to a lot of stress related disorders, as the victim may no longer feel independent.

Having psychiatric damage is by no means reflective of a person’s weakness or strength. With the right type of support and medical help, it can be treated. Financial compensation will help an individual get all the medical attention they require to treat their illness and get back to living a fulfilling life. Psychiatric damage can be treated by medication as well as counselling sessions where a therapist can speak to the victim and offer a wide array of support and further assistance.

Our solicitors ** will speak with you on a confidential basis to gain an understanding of your situation and to provide professional legal guidance you can rely on. They may also be able to tell you if you claim could be handled on a no win, no fee * basis.

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