Cycling Accident Compensation Claims in Bolton

As a cyclist, you are in a high risk when it comes to being hurt, injured, or even killed on the roads of Bolton. Despite cyclists typically not being insured for riding, it is still legally possible to claim for cycling accident compensation – as long as the accident was not your fault, and we can determine blame on a third party.

It could be that your accident was due to a badly maintained council road or pathway, another cyclist, a pedestrian walking in front of you off the pavement, or a car driver. In circumstances such as this, we can help you with some initial free guidance on how to claim bicycle accident compensation in Bolton.

How to Claim for Cycling Accident Compensation in Bolton

We make the process very easy, and it starts with one phone call into our office. Our bicycle injury compensation lawyers ** operate on a no win, no fee * agreement. This means you can make a claim irrespective of your financial circumstances. We will work to recover damages for aspects such as:

  • Your injuries
  • Damage to your bike
  • Loss of wages and time off
  • Pain and suffering, including psychological
  • Medical expenses
  • Any other related costs

In order to proceed with your cycling accident claim, we will need as much information from you as possible. This will include aspects such as medical records, police reports, witness statements, and any gathered evidence. Don’t worry if you can’t supply all of those right now, if you call us we can take the basic details and take it from there.

How Much is My Cycling Accident Claim Worth?

This is entirely down to the individual circumstances of your accident. We won’t be able to make any estimates on amounts or payouts until we have spoken to you, and possibly after an appointment with one of our Bolton personal injury solicitors **.

What Personal Injury Types Are Common in Cycling Accidents?

Cyclists and bike riders, similarly to horse riders, are at risk of a variety of injuries whilst on the road. These can include:

No matter how minor or serious your personal injury is, it could be possible that you are able to claim for compensation with our cycling accident claims solicitors **. Call today and tell us more about what happened to you and see if we can help.

Help With Motorbike Accident Claims

As well as cycling accident claims in Bolton, we can also help support those injured whilst riding motorbikes.

Start Your Claim for Bicycle Accident Compensation

Our solicitors ** are on hand to give you the very best guidance when it comes to making a claim. Many of them are cyclists themselves, and understand the daily risks that bicycle users are presented with on Bolton’s roads. If you decide to use us, then you will benefit from:

  • We know Bolton, and know how cycling accident compensation claims work
  • We will help claim for injury plus any damage to your bike and equipment
  • We will recover damages for bike repairs as part of the accident claim
  • We aim to claim large compensation amounts despite you having no insurance
  • We are friendly and approachable

It’s easy to get started. Simply call our number for a free telephone consultation on 01204 802 050^ or complete the form to find out how much you could be due for a bicycle accident claim in Bolton.

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