Public Transport Accident Claims

If you have been injured in a public transport accident — chances are, you weren’t to blame. Our personal Injury lawyers ** can help you claim compensation through our no win, no fee * service.

Anyone who uses public transport does not imagine ever being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, it is always possible to suffer an injury, whether it is on a bus, taxi, or even a train. We understand that being injured in an accident can be a very emotional experience, and that if you have suffered an injury, you may feel that there is no way to get help.

If you have been involved in an accident on public transport, our team are ready to work with you to help secure the compensation that you may be entitled to.

Public Transport Injury Claims

Accidents on public transport are not uncommon. Regardless as to the type of transport that you take, the driver is obliged to conduct themselves in a way that does not place their passengers in danger of injury. Failing to do so, and causing passengers to suffer an injury means that it may be possible to seek compensation.

Injuries from a public transport accident can be varied and could include whiplash, cuts bruises, and may in, some cases, warrant specialist medical attention. Our team of lawyers ** are very familiar with public transport claims, and are ready to process your claim.

All too often people believe that they have no option but to suffer the pain of an injury that is the result of a public transport accident. This is simply not the case. While public transport claims can be complicated, we are specialists in this field and will be able to handle every aspect of your compensation claim.

Make a Claim For An Injury Sustained on Public Transport in Bolton

If you are a passenger on any type of public transport in Bolton and you are injured as a result of an accident then it is likely that you may be entitled to compensation. Public transport accidents can happen in many ways:

  • A taxi driver can be speeding on the motorway;
  • A bus driver may not pay attention when turning a corner;
  • A train driver may not slow the train down when approach a bend on the railway tracks.

The reality is that there are several ways that accidents can happen on public transport. However, no matter how you come to suffer injury, we will be able to find out if you are entitled to compensation and will be able to handle every aspect of your claim.

No Win, No Fee — No Cost Unless We Succeed

If you have suffered an injury on public transport, you may be missing out on compensation that you are entitled to. Our dedicated team of personal injury solicitors ** are based in and around Bolton and will process your claim on a no win, no fee * basis. You can rest assured that we will pursue your claim to secure the maximum level of compensation that you are entitled to, and that you will not pay anything unless we succeed in winning your claim.

Claiming for Injury on Public Transport in Bolton

There is a time limit on making a compensation claim for injuries sustained on public transport. Please contact us as soon as possible to find out if you could be entitled to compensation. You can be honest and blunt with our team: they have dealt with many kinds of public transport injury claim and will guide you on the merit of yours. We need you to be very thorough in making a claim for compensation, and ask that you are as detailed as possible in telling us about your accident.

It is also vital that any paperwork that is relevant to your accident is given to our team as soon as possible. This could include medical records from a stay in hospital following your accident, or details of people that witnessed the accident. These can be used to enhance your claim for compensation.

Road Traffic Accident Lawyers in Bolton

If you have been involved in an accident on public transport, and have suffered an injury as a result, you may be entitled to compensation. It’s free and easy to see what compensation you may be due: contact us today, and our team will process your claim immediately.

We pride ourselves on offering a professional and efficient service. Our expert personal injury team will take responsibility for every aspect of your claim, and keep you updated on any developments and how they will affect you. We offer a service that treats clients as individuals, and does not generalise your circumstances.

To find out if you are entitled to compensation, contact us today on 01204 802 050^. We are ready and willing to help.

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