Had an Injury at Work in Bolton?

It doesn’t matter how many safety precautions are put in place, injuries at work can still happen. Accidents in the workplace as employees can range in seriousness from minor cuts and sprains, to sometimes fatal accidents. If you have been unfortunate enough to be injured whilst working, then there’s every chance that you might be able to claim for compensation for injury. Our team are specialists in helping Bolton workers, so please call our helpline on 01204 802 050^ today for a free and confidential discussion.

Employees are protected by UK law when it comes to their workplace. All business owners are legally bound to make sure that their employees are safe and are required to take our insurance policies to guard against personal injury claims. That means that any claim for an injury at work in Bolton will be paid for by insurance companies, not the actual business.

Compensation for an Injury at Work in Bolton

If you believe that your employer has failed in their duty to adhere to Health and Safety legislation, and you were injured, then it’s very likely that our solicitors ** could help you in claiming for compensation for your injuries.

Even if you might have some way contributed to your injury, you might still be able to claim for work accident compensation in Bolton. Until we talk to you about your case you won’t know though, so please call today to speak with one of our experts. The compensation award for an injury at work will include aspects such as:

  • Medical expenses and rehabilitation costs
  • Private medical care
  • Loss of earnings, wages, and time off work
  • Compensation for your pain and suffering
  • Compensation for any related expenses

Compensation amounts will vary from case to case, but over the last 12 months there have been cases in the UK ranging from one thousand pounds to three hundred thousand pounds.

Injury at Work Claims in Bolton

You can file an injury at work claim in Bolton if you were involved in any of the following scenarios:

If you would like to know more then please call us now so that we can arrange an appointment with one of our accident at work solicitors ** in Bolton.

Common Personal Injuries From Workplace Accidents

People in Bolton who want to claim for work injuries will typically report on some of the following injury types, the list below is not exhaustive though, just some common cases we have dealt with nationally.

How to Make An Injury at Work Claim in Bolton

As with any personal injury compensation claim, our solicitors ** will need to prove that you were hurt due to the negligence of a third party. Our solicitors ** will help you to gather the evidence required in order to make a successful compensation claim for your injury at work.

All personal injury claims in the UK have a time limit for filing which is 3 years. There are some exceptions to this for example if the claimant is under 18, or with claims that can take years to manifest themselves such as asbestos or mesothelioma compensation cases.

Accident at Work Solicitors for Bolton

Injury at work compensation claims require a specialist approach. That’s what our lawyers ** can offer all Bolton residents, as we have many years of experience in successfully winning claims for our clients.

It also requires a solicitor ** who is understanding, as making a claim against an employer can be a worrying time, especially if the client has had to take time off work. If you have any concerns about taking legal action and would like to know what your legal rights are, please call us today.

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