Vibration White Finger Claims in Bolton

If you have suffered an VWF as a result of operating vibrating machinery, you may be entitled to vibration white finger compensation, and you should contact our solicitors ** in Bolton to obtain further information. Vibration white finger compensation may be available if you suffer from symptoms such as:

  • numbing of the fingers
  • throbbing in the fingers
  • changes to your sense of touch
  • lack of strength in the fingers
  • loss of colour in fingers (which normally occurs in cold weather).

The cause of injury normally relates to use of vibrating machinery such as large drills, chainsaws, trimmers, concrete breakers or other types of pneumatic drilling systems. This type of personal injury normally arises after a long period of use of such machinery, and may well not be immediately noticeable.

In order to assess VWF compensation, a number of factors will be assessed. These include discussing the working arrangements which may have caused the injury, the length of time you may have been exposed to such machinery, the symptoms currently being suffered and the potential effect on future earnings.

How to make a Vibration White Finger claim

The process of bringing a claim for vibration white finger compensation is extremely detailed and often time-consuming if not dealt with efficiently. It is therefore important that you contact our personal injury lawyers ** in Bolton as soon as reasonably possible if you have the above-mentioned symptoms or already have medical reports confirming the injury.

The solicitor ** will assist you to determine which individual or organisation is responsible for your vibration white finger injury. They will then discuss potential next steps, as well as discuss what information you will be required to provide (such as a detailed account of how the injury was caused and a medical report, if applicable).

Once you have discussed these issues, our personal injury solicitors ** in Bolton will assess whether you are eligible for vibration white finger compensation. They’ll provide you with a detailed explanation of the legal process that must be followed (which includes looking at what steps all concerned parties took to mitigate the potential risk of injury).

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