Arm Injury Claims for Compensation in Bolton

The arm is the area from the shoulder down to the wrist, and is split into two parts: the upper arm and the lower arm. It can be injured in a number of ways, from soft tissue and muscle damage to broken or fractured bones. If you have suffered an arm injury that was not your fault (or only partially your fault) then you can make a compensation claim against the party that was responsible for your arm injury.

Compensation For Arm Injuries

The amount of compensation you can claim for an arm injury will depend on the seriousness of the injury and the impact it has had on your life. The former in particular will be determined by medical examination, which will also give an indication of the recovery time.

A claim should be made with the assistance of a personal injury solicitor **, who will help to establish liability. Then through using the result of the medical report will determine the amount of compensation that should be paid out by comparing the circumstances and the injury to previously decided cases and government guidelines.

Our team can help residents and workers in Bolton successfully claim for arm injury compensation. The following scenarios are common cases which our solicitors and lawyers have helped people around the UK with.

  • Claims involving simple fractures
  • Claims involving serious arm fractures
  • Severe fractures resulting in significant or permanent disability
  • The loss of one or both arms

The impact of an injury to your arm can be long-standing, and can include pain to the upper arm, forearm, elbows, and wrists. Being injured in these areas can have serious implications for both your working and home life which is why it’s important to employ the services of a personal injury firm who have a proven track record of success.

Example Arm Injury Compensation Amounts

Arm injury compensation amounts will differ from client to client. For some rough guidelines to historical claim amounts though, please see the bulleted notes set out below:

  • Minor arm injury claim – Up to £4,200
  • Fractured forearm or upper arm with ongoing symptoms — £4,200 to £12,3000
  • Arm injury with ongoing disability — £12,300 to £25,000
  • Serious arm injury claims — £25,000 to £84,000
  • Amputation of your arm — £62,000 to £192,000

The compensation settlements will include many elements. For example, we will look to recover financial damages for pain and suffering, which will be helped with supporting medical evidence and documentation. We will also seek compensation for financial expenses and costs. If you have had time off work with a broken arm, or sprained wrist, then we will look to recover loss of wages. We will also account for any expenses both now and in the future (for example, private medical care and transport travel costs).

An arm injury can happen in a number of ways from road traffic accidents to a slip, trip, or fall and compensation is paid out for the physical injury. In addition to this, your personal injury solicitor in Bolton will also help you to recover any subsequent loss such as physiotherapy costs or loss of income.

How We Work on Arm Injury Claims in Bolton

We work with insurance companies and UK courts to make sure that our clients receive the maximum amount of arm injury compensation available. When settlements are made, special consideration is given to the impact of arm injuries including breaks to the humerus, radius, ulna and wrist bones, including muscle pain, burns and hard-arm vibration syndrome. All of these ailments can lead to long-lasting conditions, plus have financial implications if you cannot work.

If your injuries were due to the fault of another person or company, then UK law lets our solicitors represent you in order to get compensation for the pain, suffering, financial impact, and medical care.

Making a Successful Arm Injury Compensation Claim in Bolton

In order to make a successful claim for personal injury compensation relating to arm, wrist, and elbow injuries, then we must be able to establish that the injury was due to third party negligence. If that can be proved, then it’s very likely we can move towards a compensation settlement.

Whether you have a broken arm injury claim, a fracture, burns, or sprains, it’s possible for our solicitors to represent you with a high chance of success – on a no win no fee* basis. You should be able to make an accident claim if:

  • We can prove that the accident was another person’s fault
  • We can prove that the injury was a result of that accident
  • The accident occurred in the last three years

There is a three-year time limit on being able to make a compensation claim, so the sooner that you get in touch with us, the better it will be and the more chance you will have of receiving justice.

What You Need to Do Next

To get started with a claim, please call us. If we feel that you have a genuine claim, then we will assign you a personal injury solicitor who will work on a no win, no fee* basis for you. Most claims will be settled outside of court, and if you are claiming against an employer, then any compensation will be paid for via insurance, so your boss won’t be financially burdened.

If this aspect concerns you, then please call our work accident claims team. We will be able to put your mind at rest with a confidential discussion about how this should not have an effect on your existing working relationships and future employment prospects.

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