Injuries To The Senses

There are a number of different injuries to the senses, all of which may result in possible compensation. You may have suffered an injury relating to your sight, hearing, taste, sense of touch or smell. In such situations, you may well be entitled to bring a personal injury compensation claim via our solicitor ** in Bolton. For example, you may have suffered from loss of vision or loss of hearing.

Loss of Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, or Smell

Although it is common for injuries to the senses to arise from head injuries as a result of a road traffic accident, there are a number of other examples where such injuries may arise. For example, you may have been struck in the eye whilst operating machinery at work, or you may have suffered a partial loss of hearing as a result of a health and safety breach in the workplace. Further, you may have lost either your sense of smell or taste (either partially or totally) from a bad bout of food poisoning.

Although in the majority of cases the more serious the accident, the greater the entitlement to injuries to the senses’ compensation may be. The amount of compensation takes into account a number of other factors. The courts will look in more detail, amongst other things, at the type of injury, how it was caused, whether it will deteriorate with time, the age of the victim and the overreaching effect of the personal injury.

It is worth noting that any damage to sensitive organs such as the ear and the eye can cause a deterioration in their sensory capabilities, which would also result in injuries to the senses’ compensation. Therefore, it is important to contact a personal injury expert in Bolton to discuss your injury and see whether you are able to claim compensation.

An injury to the senses can potentially affect your life. Therefore, it is critical that you contact one of our Bolton legal experts as soon as possible for an initial discussion to assess whether you are entitled to injuries to the senses’ compensation.

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