Motorbike Accident Claims in Bolton

Accidents on the UK’s roads involving motorbikes are increasingly common. The kind of injuries that result from a motorbike accident vary: ranging from only slight damage to the rider and their bike to the bike being completely ruined, and the rider suffering severe injury. Given the increasing frequency of motorbike accidents, our team of personal injury experts have significant experience in handling these kinds of claims.

Our specialist motorbike accident claims team offers specialist guidance to those in Bolton. We provide help and support for minor and serious injuries, as well as fatal accidents. This area of the law does require expert knowledge, and our lawyers ** fight to get the maximum amount of motorbike accident compensation available.

Why Are Motorcycle Accidents So Dangerous?

Motorcyclists are particularly at risk when on the road, and Bolton has many accidents each year, many of which could have been avoided if it wasn’t for other road user’s negligence. Personal injuries can be minor to life-changing, and so it’s important that you receive guidance from reputable solicitors ** who have a track record of success in accident claims of this type.

Many believe that motorbike riders take their lives into their own hands in driving such powerful machines. However, all road users, including motorcyclists, are entitled to expect that other road users will take care when driving and avoid doing anything that would result in their causing anyone to suffer an injury. If you believe that another road user has not taken the care they should have taken on the roads and caused you harm, we can help you get compensation.

Motorbike accidents tend to be the result of other road users failing to take note of bike riders being on the roads: they do not afford them the space they need or fail to take into account that motorcyclists aren’t as well protected as other road users.

Motorbike accidents can vary in the damage that they cause. As motorbike riders are not as well protected as other road users, they are vulnerable to a whole range of injuries. These range from mild concussion and cuts and bruises, to severe spinal injuries, mental illnesses and in some cases, severe brain injury.

No Win, No Fee Motorbike Accident Claims

We work on a no win, no fee * basis. All motorcycle accident claims in Bolton that we deal with receive a superb service which is professional, understanding, sympathetic, and expert.

If you would like a free phone consultation to discuss how we can help you, then please call our Bolton motorcycle accident compensation helpline now on 01204 802 050^, which is open 7 days a week.

Causes of Motorbike Accidents

The types of motorbike accident claim that can occur in Bolton, and which we can offer full legal support on include, but are not limited to:

  • Death by dangerous driving
  • Defective road claims
  • Diesel and oil spill claims
  • Fatal accidents
  • Serious injuries
  • Pillion passenger accidents
  • Pothole damage or falls

How Much Motorbike Accident Compensation For You Claim?

Every case that we have supported with has been very different, and we treat all clients as an individual. When you call us to discuss a motorcycle accident claim in Bolton we will need to gather as much information and evidence as possible.

This will then help to determine how much compensation could be awarded. Damages in the UK have recently ranged from one thousand pounds to a quarter of a million. The types of damages that we seek to recover include:

  • Damage to your motorcycle or replacement costs
  • Compensation for your injuries (both mental and physical)
  • Expenses for medical care and treatment
  • Compensation for loss of earnings and time off work
  • Any other related expenses including travel

What do I need to make a claim after a motorbike accident?

Personal injury claims are covered by very strict deadlines. It is important that you contact us as soon as possible if you have been involved in an accident involving a motorbike. You should also be as open and honest with our team as possible: take special care to note down everything that happened in the accident and try to be as clear as possible on the facts of the situation. Our team will need to know the answers to these kinds of questions:

  • What caused the accident?
  • Who was involved?
  • What kind of damage did your bike suffer?
  • Did you suffer any injuries?
  • How were your injuries treated?

If you have the names and contact details of the negligent party, or the details of any witnesses to the accident you should give these to our team. It is critical that if you suffered any injuries that were treated at a hospital, that you get hold of any medical reports in order to pass them on to our team.

Why Choose Us For Your Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim

We understand the area of motorcycle injury claims and how at risk you can be from other road users including cars, lorries, buses, and even pedestrians. In fact, some of our lawyers ** are motorcyclists themselves, so are able to offer an even more specialist service.

With over a decade of experience in helping people in the UK receive justice for their motorcycle accident, we are committed to helping you get the compensation that you deserve. To find out how we work, call us and our friendly team will be able to quickly tell you what you could be due.

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