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You can seek legal guidance from our personal injury claims lawyers if you have been involved in an accident that has led to paralysis and would like to seek compensation. Paralysis happens when the muscles in your body lose the ability to function. Messages are passed between the brain and the muscles, allowing you to move your muscles the way the brain wants them too. When these messages get interrupted, the movement of the muscles becomes paralysed.

Paralysis can be of many sorts; it may just affect a certain part of your body, or it may be widespread and affect the movement of a larger area. It can take place on either side of your body and may leave you partially or completely paralysed. Quadriplegia impacts the arms and the legs, and paraplegia is when the lower half of your entire body gets paralysed. If there has been damage to the nerves as well as the muscles, it may occur alongside a loss of feeling.

Paralysis Injury Claim Lawyers

The biggest cause of paralysis is damage to the nerves, in particular the spinal cord. The spinal cord is a large part of the nervous system, which means that paralysis of any kind may lead to brain damage. Stroke, neck injury, spinal cord injury, tumour or any sort of trauma can lead to paralysis. Paralysis can be life changing as well as permanent, which is why it is extremely important to get urgent medical help if you have been in a situation where you suspect you may be at risk of being paralysed.

After seeking medical attention, speak to a lawyer who will be able to give you the appropriate guidance regarding compensation. Treating the underlying cause is possibly the only treatment available for paralysis, alongside physical and occupational therapy.

The whole process can be very time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. Receiving medical compensation may help cover potential loss of earnings. Depending on the damage the nervous system has gone through, paralysis may be cured as long as the underlying reason can be treated.

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