Leg Injury Compensation Claims in Bolton

We offer specialist legal guidance to people in Bolton who have suffered a leg injury, ankle injuries, knee, or foot type of personal injury. Whether it happened in an accident at work, whilst driving, cycling, or a slip trip and fall, we can offer you a free phone consultation today. Our personal injury solicitors ** work on a no win, no fee* basis and can quickly tell you whether you are eligible to make leg injury compensation claims in the Bolton.

Accident Compensation for Leg Injuries

Many claimants will contact us due to suffering from a broken leg at work. Compensation in Bolton for leg injuries are in-line with settlement amounts around the UK. You can see some guidelines below, but we will need to talk to you first, as our solicitors ** will need to prove that the accident was someone else’s fault in order to proceed.

  • Minor injuries to your lower leg: Less than £7,000
  • Minor injuries to your upper leg: £7,000 — £11,000
  • More serious leg injury compensation: £13,000 — £21,000
  • Severe leg injury claim settlements: £21,000 — £100,000
  • Amputation of lower legs settlements: £70,000 — £193,000
  • Amputation of whole legs: £80,000 — £210,000

Broken Ankle Compensation Amounts

If you have suffered a broken ankle at work in Bolton, or perhaps in a car accident, or slip, trip, and fall then you could expect to receive personal injury compensation. This will depend on the circumstances though and will require our solicitors to prove third party negligence and blame.

  • Minor ankle injury: Up to £3,600
  • Damaged Achilles tendon: £4,700 — £25,000
  • Ankle injuries requiring metal pins and plates: £3,500 — £32,000
  • Serious ankle injuries: Up to £45,000
  • Hip and pelvis injuries: please see this page

The aspects that our leg and ankle injury claims solicitors ** will help you claim for financially include:

  • Time you had off work
  • Financial losses, including lost wages
  • Medical care and treatment costs
  • Vehicle and home adjustments
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological damages
  • Any other related expenses and costs

We always aim to settle leg injury claims as quickly as possible outside of court. Where the accident occurred at work, will liaise with your employer’s insurance companies to settle any payouts and amounts – rather than your employer having to pay the injury compensation.

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If you feel that you could have a potential claim, then please call our 7-day helpline. One of our team will be able to quickly assess your situation and tell you whether you can proceed with our no win, no fee * solicitors **.

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