Product Liability Claims in Bolton

We use products for an array of different things in our everyday lives, from assisting to entertaining us. When these products are faulty, however, and cause injury or illness, then our lawyers ** are here to help make a product liability compensation claim.

No matter how severe your injury is, we believe that if you have been injured through no fault of your own, then you deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering. Injuries and illness can put a great strain on your day-to-day life, with the related stress impacting not only you, but your loved ones too. We seek to return you to the position you were in before your injury by winning you the compensation that you rightly deserve.

What is a Product Liability Claim?

The law surrounding product liability can be complex, with some products holding contractual limitations regarding liability. Regardless of these limitations, we make sure to win you the compensation that you are owed. Who is accountable for your personal injury depends on what caused the product’s faultiness. Whether the manufacturer, distributor, supplier, or retailer is to blame, we’ll make sure that you walk away with the compensation you are owed.

A faulty product is one that has something wrong with one of its core components or raw materials. The responsible party can be either the manufacturer of the product itself or the manufacturer of one of the product’s components. In some cases, the good is faulty because of the way it has been handled or stored by suppliers and retailers, in this case, they may be held liable.

Our lawyers ** fight hard to win you the maximum amount of compensation for your circumstances. The compensation you are awarded depends predominantly on the severity of the injuries you sustained. It also accounts for other factors, such as time taken off work and changes to lifestyle. These combined will be taken into account when coming to your final compensation settlement. We know what a big difference an injury or illness can make to your life, so we seek to compensate you accordingly.

Making A Product Liability Compensation Claim

Making a claim is simple. Our legal experts can give you any information you need and can determine in no time at all whether you are eligible for compensation. If you are eligible, we can get you started on the road to compensation straight away. Each of our lawyers ** has a history of handling cases of this sort and know how to negotiate the intricacies of product liability law on your behalf.

Many people feel anxious about seeking legal guidance, but we relieve this stress and keep everything as simple for you as possible. We handle every case with empathy, scrapping the legal jargon that leaves many feeling confused and disconnected from their claim. We keep you in control of every decision from beginning to end.

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