Industrial Disease Claims in Bolton

It is commonplace in Bolton for workers to be victims of current or historic industrial disease claims. Affected workers are prone to developing illnesses and ailments after being exposed to hazardous and harmful substances in the workplace. Unfortunately, it is quite common for people to develop an illness or disease after coming into contact with a harmful substance in their workplace.

If you have been the victim and your employer exposed you to risk and you have developed an illness then you might be eligible to claim for industrial disease compensation in Bolton. Our solicitors will aim to recover multiple forms of compensation for you including time off work, loss of earnings, pain and suffering, medical care, and financial losses.

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If you are concerned about taking legal action against your employer or workplace then we will also be able to guide you on your rights. Businesses and employers are required by law to have insurance policies in place to cover them against claims, so any compensation will not come directly from their pockets. It’s also illegal for your employer to discriminate against you should you take legal action.

Industrial Disease Claim Types

Industrial disease and illness can take on a variety of forms. Below is a common list of illness types that our solicitors and lawyers are able to support Bolton clients with:

How Much Industrial Disease Compensation Will You Receive?

Whilst every case that our solicitors deal with is different, there are some guidelines which you can see below based on previous cases brought to action in the UK.

  • Temporary bronchitis – £1,600 to £8,000
  • Minor bronchitis – £8,000 to £23,000
  • Shortness of breath – £23,000 to £40,000
  • Emphysema, Lung Cancer, COPD, Pneumoconiosis, Chronic Bronchitis – £40,000 to £100,000

Industrial Disease Solicitors Bolton – Why Us?

Personal injury cases of this nature require a specialist approach, and the support of a lawyer who will fight every inch to get you the compensation amounts that you deserve. With over a decade of experience, our solicitors are expertly placed to help and support those in the local area.

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