Football Injury Claims in Bolton

Football is the sport with the highest number of participants in the UK. Due to the high intensity nature of football, plus the large numbers playing, it’s more common to see football injury claims than most other sports. Such accidents see multiple compensation amounts paid out each year.

If you have been injured or assaulted whilst playing football in Bolton, and your injuries were of no fault of your own, then you could be eligible to claim for football injury compensation.

Proving Fault for Compensation

We will need to prove negligence of a third party. So it will help your football injury claim if you can supply medical records, police reports (if called), witness statements, plus details of any expenses incurred as a result of your injury. If you have photographic or film evidence, that can really help swing a compensation claim in your favour.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the above, as it might not be necessary. When you call us, we will ask a few questions about the accident at a football match and can quickly tell you if you are able to proceed. Our experts will be able to quickly ascertain if you are eligible for personal injury compensation.

Injury types that have resulted in personal injury damages and costs being paid out in the past include fractures, breaks, sprains, head and neck injuries, bruising and cuts. We can help the following people in making a no win, no fee * football accident claim:

  • Professional players
  • Women and men
  • 6-a-Side players
  • Sunday League players
  • Children
  • Referees
  • Spectators

The types of scenarios that football injury compensation will typically apply to includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Injured whilst watching football as a spectator due to slips, trips, and falls
  • Assaulted by another player, opposition, or teammate
  • Referees who are victims of player assaults
  • Victim of a poor, dangerous, or mistimed tackle
  • Injured by hazardous materials on the pitch such as glass, broken bottles, or chemical spills
  • Hurt by poorly maintained equipment in the changing rooms or goal posts
  • Badly conditioned and poorly maintained pitches
  • Slipping on water or liquid on indoor pitches

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