Knee Injury Compensation Claims in Bolton

If you have hurt your knee and live or work in Bolton, then you might have a case to claim for personal injury compensation if the injury was not your fault. It could be that you were involved in a car crash, an accident at work, or a slip and fall somewhere. We are no win, no fee* solicitors ** and help people get the knee injury compensation that they deserve. Currently, we are offering free legal guidance and consultations over the telephone, so please call us today if you want to know what your options are on 01204 802 050^.

How to Make a Knee Injury Claim in Bolton

Our dedicated helpline is open 7 days a week all year around. When you call us, one of our claims specialists will ask you a bit of information about what happened to you and within minutes should be able to tell you whether you are eligible.

If we feel that you have a genuine knee injury claim, and you live or work in Bolton, then we will arrange an appointment with a personal injury lawyer **. They will then take on your case and look to settle any claim outside of court. We always aim to conclude personal injury claims as quickly as possible with the maximum compensation amounts.

If you injured your knee at work and are concerned about making a compensation claim against your employer, then please call us so we can offer you peace of mind. In simple terms, though, your employer will not need to pay outright for your knee injury compensation, instead it will be paid for through an insurance policy.

Knee Injury Compensation Amounts

The amount of compensation you could receive for a knee injury claim in Bolton will vary depending on the circumstances of the accident. Such as, how long it will take you to recover, any financial losses you incurred, the pain you were in, and any other related suffering we can prove.

As rough guidelines you could expect to receive compensation payments in the following ranges, but these are guidelines only, and we cannot commit estimates to you until our personal injury solicitors ** have assessed your individual case.

  • Twists and painful bruising knee injuries: £1,000 — £4,200
  • Twists with ongoing symptoms average payouts: £4,200 — £10,000
  • Torn cartilage in the knee compensation: £10,000 — £19,000
  • Serious knee injuries compensation amounts: £19,000 — £70,000

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If you would like to get started, please call us now. We work on a no win, no fee * agreement and will quickly be able to tell you whether you can make a claim using our solicitors **. Call 01204 802 050^ for a free and confidential phone consultation.

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