Construction Site Accident Claims in Bolton

Over the last decade, our team of accident claims lawyers ** have helped workers to get the justice that they deserve for their injuries – and all on a no win, no fee* basis. Some of the more common types of construction site accident that our team deal with on behalf of Bolton workers include:

  • Faulty and defective scaffolding
  • Falling from a height, including ladders and scaffold
  • Failure of safety equipment such as harnesses
  • Falling into holes or pits in the ground that were not secured
  • Defective or faulty equipment and tools
  • Assault from a co-worker or other person
  • Not briefed or poorly briefed on safety measures
  • Poor construction site layout
  • Exposure to dangerous chemical spills and gases
  • Electric shocks
  • Being hit by a vehicle, including dumper trucks and forklifts
  • Roofs not secured and safe

With the growth and development currently occurring in and around Bolton, there are many sites currently under development, meaning more workers than ever could be at risk of a personal injury. If you think your injuries were resulting of another person or company’s negligence, and it was not your fault, then please contact us on 01204 802 050^ today for a free telephone consultation.

How to Make a Building Site Accident Claim?

Due to the nature of construction sites, there can be danger at every turn. Our solicitors ** have dealt with many claims for compensation over the last decade and are expertly placed to help those living and working in Bolton to make a claim.

If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and would like to talk to our construction site accident claims team, then please call us today on 01204 802 050^. Our lines are open 7 days a week.

Once you call us, one of our accident claims team will ask you a few simple questions about the circumstances involved in the incident. This will enable us to quickly ascertain whether you could be due personal injury compensation. If we believe that you are able to claim for a construction site accident, then we will assign you a local solicitor who can represent you.

How Much Construction Accident Compensation?

There are no prescribed amounts for construction accident compensation in Bolton or the UK, as each and every case will be unique. When you call us, we might be able to place an estimate on how much you could be due, but in most cases we won’t truly know until the personal injury solicitor ** has met with you.

In the UK, there are very strict rules about how companies working in construction should safeguard their employees against injuries in the work place. In the event of an accident on a construction site, awarded compensation will typically be paid out by the insurers of the third party involved.

All we will need to do is prove that your injury was someone else’s fault. Our personal injury solicitors ** will guide you on what supporting evidence they will need in order to complete the claim – which in most cases happens as an out-of-court settlement. The kind of details that they need will include:

  • The date and time of the accident
  • Any medical records if treatment was sought
  • Witness statements if available
  • Any photographic evidence if available
  • Records of any costs and expenses incurred as a result

All of this information will be passed over to the third party insurers dealing with the construction site accident in Bolton.

Could Your Accident Have Been Prevented?

Companies and businesses have a legal responsibility to protect their workers from harm whilst on site. The law requires that the following measures are taken. If you believe that this hasn’t been the case, then it will strengthen your construction site compensation claim.

  • Did they have risk assessments and processes in place for safety that were explained and documented for the workers?
  • Did they supply workers and employees with safety checked tools and equipment that was fit for the purpose?
  • Was the construction or building site kept in a safe condition for workers, for example the walkways being free from obstruction?
  • Did you receive training on how to carry and lift heavy objects correctly in order to reduce the chance of an injury?
  • Did they supply you with suitable safety wear such as ear protection, goggles, dust masks, gloves, boots, hard hats, and jackets?
  • Did they check the scaffold and hoists regularly to make sure that they were maintained as safe as could be?

If you believe that aspects of the above check-list were neglected, resulting in you being hurt, then call us today to start your construction site accident claim.

Call 01204 802 050^ now if you have been injured whilst working on a building site in Bolton.

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